Keep Yourself Safe: What to Do if You’re Carjacked – Atlanta, GA

In general, driving your car is a necessary, and sometimes mundane task.  You need to get to school or the store, or to work.  Besides a minor fender bender or commute traffic, driving while going about our daily tasks is routine.  Unfortunately, bad things happen to good people, and one of these bad things can be a carjacking.  More than just auto theft, carjacking is a scary, sometimes violent form of robbery. Carjacking usually occurs when you’re getting ready to enter your vehicle, or while you’re stopped at a light. The thief will force you out of your vehicle and take it for their own use, which has to be one of the most frightening forms of robbery I can imagine! Here are a few steps you can take if you find yourself in this situation, designed to keep you safe and, hopefully, get your car back:

Don’t Panic
Of course, it’s an unexpected, frightening experience to have someone accost you while you’re simply trying to run some errands.  The thief will probably force their way into the car and behave aggressively.  The most important thing you can do is stay calm.  The thief is probably pretty wound up, too, so try not to make it worse.

Move Away From Your Car
If the thief confronts you while you’re trying to get into your car, cooperate and move slowly away from your car. If they have a weapon, don’t resist, just give up your car as quickly as you can. Your life is way more important than your vehicle.

Don’t Reach For Anything
Don’t reach for your purse or wallet, and keep your hands visible at all times.  You don’t want the thief to think you’re reaching for a gun or other weapon; they may react defensively.

Make Mental Notes
Though you’re in a scary situation, try to pay attention to your attackers physical characteristics such as eye color, hair color, and any tattoos or other markings.  When they leave, notice the direction they’re traveling in and call 911 right away.  The faster you contact the police, the better the chances are that they’ll capture the carjacker.

Thornton Road CDJR in beautiful Lithia Springs, Georgia, wants you to be aware of your surroundings at all times and keep yourself safe in any vehicle you’re driving in, whether it’s a 2015 Jeep Wrangler or a used Ram truck.  Remember, no matter how nice your car is, your life is what’s important!