How and Why? 3 Ways to Escape From a Trunk – Atlanta, GA

It takes a lot… and I mean a lot, to get locked in a trunk in a non-criminal way.

Maybe it was a prank that you somehow found yourself in the middle of, or you somehow were sleepwalking and found yourself sitting in the trunk of your car.

It makes no sense what so ever that this happens, but thankfully, there are tips to help you get out of the trunk of a car if you somehow find yourself in the middle of this madness that can’t be explained at all.

If you think you’re going to find yourself in the trunk of a car anytime soon, then this is for you and you can thank us later. Here are three ways to escape from a trunk of a car:

Pull the Trunk Release and Escape Through the Back Seat

There’s a good chance that the car you’re somehow trapped in has a trunk release installed. If so, pull the release and maneuver your way through the back seat and out the back door.

Use a Car Jack to Pry the Trunk Open

There should be one around your person and it should be used to pry open the trunk and escape. Use a flashlight to help yourself see what you’re doing. This seems like the most simple way to do get out by any means necessary.

Kick the Trunk and Kick It Some More

This will help if you’re much smaller than I am. It’ll take a little bit of elbow grease and serious leg power to get it open, but it might be your best bet to make it happen this way, because you shouldn’t be in the trunk in the first place.


Once again, there’s no sure-fire reason as to why you’re locked in a trunk. If you are and have no idea why, please have a cell phone on you and call the local authorities if all else fails. And, if anything, make sure you head down to your friendly Atlanta-area Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram dealership. To avoid this at all costs, leave there with a new 2015 Ram 1500 truck because, well, there is no trunk. Just one of the roomiest pickup truck cargo beds available. That simple.