6 Things to Check Before Taking a Road Trip – Atlanta, GA

Check Before You LeaveBecause we here at Thornton Road Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram are into the outdoors, we often take our Charger, Jeep Wrangler, Ram 1500, or heck, our Chrysler 300 out on camping excursions or road trips.  Actually, our Chrysler 300 is more of a ‘take our nice car for a Sunday drive’ type of ride, but we put the miles on it just the same!  So,  whatever trip you may be planning for the weekend, take a couple of tips from us and do this quick maintenance check before you head out.  Trust us, you may have roadside assistance, but you don’t want to use it when you could be at the campground getting ready to make some s’mores.

Make sure you have a full tank of gas
Seriously, don’t head off without filling up. If you’re planning n a few hours of driving, you don’t want to run out of fuel when you’re close to the campground.  They usually don’t have gas pumps at the ranger station.

Check all your fluids
Pop the hood and check your oil, coolant and brake fluid levels.  If it’s been awhile since you last had your oil changed, you may be surprised.  Making sure that you’re not low on oil can prevent an unwanted breakdown.

Check the air pressure in your tires
All your tires, including the spare. You don’t want to run on underinflated tires, not only does it make your car have to work harder, it also wears the tires down unevenly. You want to make sure your spare is always properly inflated just in case you do end up with a flat.

Check the tread on your tires
Since you’re already checking the air pressure, do a visual once over of each tire and make sure the tread is still good, and your tires aren’t wearing unevenly.

Double-check your lights
Make sure everything is in working order, headlights, turn signals, the whole deal.  Sometimes the day turns out to be so much fun that you lose track of time and find yourself driving home at night.  This is not the time to discover your headlights are out!

Make sure you have your emergency kit
Flares, water, flashlights, medical kit, all the good stuff you sometimes forget to check, and then find out you really need.

We at Thornton Road CDJR  hope you have a great trip this weekend, and avoid any problems on your way.  We’re sure that no matter which car you’re taking, the Charger, Jeep Wrangler, Ram 1500, or Chrysler 300 , you’ll have a great time!