Boom! 3 Fireworks Safety Tips for Fourth of July – Atlanta, GA

Fireworks are usually fun and exciting, especially if you have your own to set off on this Fourth of July holiday.

More than likely, when you have those fireworks, you also have kids that may be experiencing said fireworks for the first time. That’s not only adorable, but completely awesome.

But while this may be amazing to see a young child’s reaction to exploding colors in the sky, it’s also important to know how to keep your kids safe while setting off fireworks. While the fellow adults are enjoying their time, your surroundings become even more important with the little ones around. This is especially the case when you have fireworks of all kinds, whether they’re firecrackers or sparklers. You don’t want to risk the chance of making a holiday trip to the nearest urgent care to take care of some injury.

Safety first is your important message for today. Here are three fireworks safety tips for Fourth of July weekend:

No Sparklers Until They’re Ready

Sparklers are fun. But they can get really hot, really quickly. Giving young kids a sparkler could be very dangerous, and their little arms could catch extreme heat. Why not give them a glow stick? It’s safe and still produces plenty of light that’s bright enough for the night.

Keep Loose Clothing Secure

Nothing would be worse than to see your favorite shirt go up in flames because you were casually letting fireworks go off. That favorite football jersey or Metallica shirt you have goes up in flames because the bottle rocket you purchased went off too early and you didn’t have enough time to sprint away. Well, that was fun.

Keep Your Wigs and Toupees Inside

I only say this because I’ve seen it first-hand. One year, I think I was 16 or 17 years old, we had a Fourth of July party. Some members of my mom’s ex-boyfriend’s family came over. One really, really drunk guy wore a wig. After a few Jäeger Bombs, he decided to light a sparkler right over his head. The end result? Forking over $50 for a new wig.


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