Welcome to the Peach State! Driving Requirements for New Georgia Residents – Atlanta, GA

Hey, you did it! You got the job or got into a new school, or heck, just felt like it and you’ve moved to Georgia! Whatever the reason, the kind folks at Thornton Road CDJR want to extend a hearty welcome and let you know that you need to apply for a Georgia driver license within 30 days of becoming a Georgia resident.  This is important because you’ll probably need to drive all over town to get to your new job, new school, new house, or new apartment.  The last thing anyone needs in a new town is a ticket!

There’s not a lot to it: All Customer Service Centers for the Georgia Department of Driver Services can transfer an out-of-state license to a Georgia driver license. The only restrictions are you must at least 18 years of age, you’ll need to pass the vision exam, and you must surrender a valid out-of-state license or an out-of-state license that’s expired less than two years. The good news is that by surrendering your old license, you are exempt from the written and road test. We can’t argue with that!

The only additional caveats that the GDDS wants you to be aware of are as follows:

“Your social security number will be verified with the Social Security Administration and personal information must be consistent with both Agencies to be issued a driver license. All documents used to prove identity must be originals or certified copies; faxes and photocopies are not acceptable.”

We’ve looked into quite a few of these moving requirements for different states, and the driving requirements for new Georgia residents are by far the most hassle-free when it comes to establishing your residency and getting your car’s paperwork in order.  Here at Thornton Road CDJR, we’d like o think we make it just as easy to find the new Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, or Ram Truck you’ve been looking at.  Stop by today, so we can welcome you to the beautiful state of Georgia, and help you find the perfect new car to go with your new home!