Up In My Jeep Just Working On My Fitness: 3 Best Running Trails Near Atlanta – Atlanta, GA

If you own a Jeep, you know the fun you can have off-roading.  It feels like a workout for your Jeep Grand Cherokee! But what happens when you get out to check out the view when you’ve reached the top of the hill? I know that the last time I went off-roading it was just a mess of sore muscles and an aching back.  This was definitely a wake-up call that I need to start paying attention to my workout as well; I already know my Jeep is in excellent shape!  The good people at Thornton Road CDJR gave me a great idea to check out all the trails around the Lithia Springs area here in Georgia.  I was blown away! I had no idea we had such beautiful scenery – it helps to  make your workout feel like more of a vacation.  Here’re a few places I took my 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee to in order to take a hike, a run, or walk my dog:

Sweetwater Creek Trail

This is where I tried jogging for the first time. This 4.2 mile loop trail is totally perfect for a beginner and features incredible scenery, including a waterfall. I’m not in the best shape, so I ended up walking about, oh, 3.5 miles of it – but it was completely worth it!

Sope Creek Trail

Located in Marietta, and a longer trail at 6 miles, this is a longer trail.  I put my bike in the back of my Jeep and went for a short ride.  It’s mainly woodsy, relaxing terrain and a bit more of a workout.  It was worth it, and I was so happy to be resting in my Cherokee’s heated/ventilated front seats on the way home.

Big Trees Preserve Trail

This trail is located in Morgan Falls Park near Atlanta.  It’s an easy 1.2 miles, and I took my little Westie for a walk and just enjoyed the scenery around the river.  This is more the type of workout I’m excellent at, though I’m going to make an effort to kick it up a notch with the biking more.

I hope you take some time this Spring to check out some of these best running trails near Atlanta! There was a couple more I visited, but these were my three favorite, by far.  If you haven’t been to Thornton Road CDJR  in a while, I suggest stopping by and seeing which Jeep Grand Cherokee would be perfect for you to take a daytime work-out trip in!